One solution.
Several use cases.

Each BU, subsidiary or vertical business line has its own issues. We address each of them with a unique solution.

Certification & Compliance

Save time in maintaining certification and regulatory skills!

Certifying and regulatory skills are complex objects to handle. Our Skill Master interface allows you to fully configure all of these rules:

  • List of specific skills per employee.
  • Different periods of obsolescence.
  • Different discounting & loss rules.
  • Loss of cascading skills.
  • Specific training to be assigned.
  • Specific evaluation actions to be carried out.
  • Generation of forms and official documents.
temps et certification de travail

“I control the obsolescence of the skills associated with my employees via a schedule and alerts.”


Our alert workflow engine allows you to monitor the status of your skills in real time, at individual and macro levels, and helps you make the right decisions based on your objectives.

Thanks to our Supervisor and Collaborator interfaces, information is shared according to operational needs, and each role can take action to keep skills up to date.

staffing et emploie du temps

“I staff my team according to each person’s skills, appetites and availability.”


eLamp unveils the full potential of your employees and the perfect team to carry out your projects!

Our Staffing space allows you to have the right profiles on the right projects, to know all the finesse in the skills of your resources and to easily keep the profile of your collaborators up to date.

At the end of each project, everyone takes stock of the mission thanks to the collaborative evaluation. The profiles of your employees are kept up to date as the project progresses.


Make it easier to find and share expertise in your organisation!

eLamp helps to decompartmentalise each individual’s skills and develop knowledge sharing. You provide your resources with the means to call on the right person at the right time.

Thanks to the centralisation of data in a single space, you have access at all times to the expert who can meet your needs.

Used as a facilitator, staff members animate communities of experts, exchange live via a chat system and collaborate on cross-functional projects.

Our predictive search algorithms calculate the probability that an employee will be able to answer you even if he or she has not indicated exactly the same skill.

l'expertise et la gestion de projet

“I’m looking for a specific skill and exchange with the right employee.”

évaluation des compétences

“I’m launching 360° assessment campaigns in my team.”

360° assessment

eLamp makes the employee’s knowledge more dynamic, more fun and more precise!

The assessment is a key appointment for all your employees and managers. It allows you to decide who can assess whom on what type of skills.

The 360° assessment has many advantages: a more reliable and complete assessment, the possibility to build a tailor-made action plan, a more objective judgement and involved and empowered employees.

We have developed a module to make self-assessment more fun, to recommend colleagues and to receive advice from experts and managers.

Thanks to the aggregation of data on all the skills detected by eLamp, your managers assess their teams on the basis of a contextual and personalised grid.

Skills databases

eLamp allows you to create an automatically updated skills library!

The creation and updating of trade, job and skills repositories is a real challenge: between those used at corporate level, those used by a subsidiary and those integrated into the HRISs for the annual assessment, it is a real headache to manage.

This site is often very poorly equipped and is not connected to the company’s daily activity. The most common tools on the market to manipulate these repositories are text editors or data spreadsheets.

eLamp offers the Skill Master area which allows our clients to create, maintain and manage complex repositories. It allows different repositories (macro/micro skills, accreditations, soft-skills, etc) to cohabit around a common scalable structure.

application Elamp illustration

“I easily manipulate and enrich several skills repositories.”


Our semantic and conceptual analysis algorithms automatically detect all skill data that may be found in any document, even if it is unstructured.

Our intelligent Bots self-construct the repository of skills, jobs and training, autonomously or semi-automatically depending on your choices.

mobilité interne pour un nouveau poste

“I allow employees to express their wishes for mobility on the basis of the company’s needs, by comparing their skills profiles with jobs and positions”.

Internal mobility

Use the skills data to make mobility more fluid and enrich the employee experience!

Talent departments face many challenges:

  • The empowerment of employees in the construction of their career paths.
  • Rationalisation of recruitment and internal resources.
  • Employee loyalty.
  • The transformation of trades and the anticipation of needs in terms of resources to meet strategic orientations.

Thanks to the eLamp platform, identify all the data sources that generate and consume skills data related to your employees (multiple HRIS, projects, manager assessment, self declaration, CV, LinkedIn…).


Our semantic and conceptual analysis algorithms automatically detect all skill data that may be found in any document, even if it is unstructured.

Our intelligent Bots self-construct the repository of skills, jobs and training, autonomously or semi-automatically depending on your choices.


Personalise the training and skills development of your employees!

The personalisation of training is becoming a major issue in the development of employee skills and experience.

In order to improve the performance of training actions and rationalise costs, eLamp allows you to get to know each of your employees better.

You assign them the right training at the right time, taking into account your business challenges and your desire to upgrade their skills.

Training actions can be directly steered by the field management.

Getting to know one’s employees better enables them to make decisions that are anticipated and better adapted to operational demand, and to make the most of their experience as employees.

formation et augmentation des compétences

“I offer tailor-made training to my employees and make the link with skills.”


Via an interconnection with your HRIS tools, eLamp automates the entire skills development cycle: from the training request to the validation of skills.

For example, certifying competences are often obsolete over time: we make the link between the associated competences and the right training in order to automatically have up-to-date certifications.

workforce planning illustration

“I analyse all the skills data at my disposal to feed into my medium and long-term strategy”.

Workforce Planning

eLamp generates the data to control your Strategic Workforce Planning!

The transformation of companies and the anticipation of business needs are strategic levers to remain competitive in the long term.

The benefits of such a strategy are numerous: monitoring your current resource pool, simulating what your company will become in the long term, defining new trades, anticipating skill needs and calculating the gaps between what exists and the objective.

eLamp is a decision-support solution that allows you to use all this data to feed the strategy at group level: Workforce Planning, training plans, recruitment plans, etc.

Combined with the knowledge of each of your employees, you can individualise everyone’s actions to maintain their employability in the future.

Manage your skills easily.