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eLamp automates the monitoring of your critical skills and improves staffing management.

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eLamp, a cross-functional and multi-actor software

Business Units, HR or IT departments:

The particularity of eLamp is to offer a business-oriented solution that, through skills, improves both HR processes and operational performance.

One solution.
Several use cases.

Each BU, subsidiary, or vertical business line has its own issues. We address each of them with a unique solution.

Our clients

They manage their operational skills with eLamp

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How can we anticipate the obsolescence of competences and adopt an automated management of certifications?

Dynamically manage all employee skills and authorisations, subject to the rules for obtaining and renewing internal skills.

Connection to the ecosystem of IT tools in place: training and planning.

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How has the ORANO group digitised its Annual Competency Review (ACR) process to better respond to its Workforce Planning

Digitisation of the criticality analysis, associated action plans and 5-year projections: year 2020, based on the Strategic Action Plan.

Digitisation of employee skills data collected during professional development interviews, based on the BUs’ workforce planning, the results of appraisal campaigns and people reviews: year 2021.

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Personalised training courses and real-time monitoring of skills: how to meet Workforce Planning ambitions?

Dynamically manage all employee skills and authorisations, subject to the rules for obtaining and renewing internal skills.

Manage employee training paths in order to optimise internal needs and meet the Workforce Planning objectives for Horizon 2025.



How to address many skills-related issues in a top French IT consulting company?

Manage all the skills and certifications of the employees of SPIE ICS and its subsidiaries.

Facilitate the search for expertise, mobility between projects and the mutual support of employees.

Empowering employees in their career paths.

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Eiffage Construction

How to create a skills map to improve mobility and operational performance?

Create a skills map to precisely locate resources in the company.

Use this mapping to improve mobility and the group’s operational performance.

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How to map competencies and facilitate 360 assessment?

Generating and structuring the company’s skills library from scratch.

Mapping resources, energising and giving more value to annual interviews thanks to qualitative data and enriched by regular 360 evaluation campaigns.

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Employee commitment, career paths and training plans: a global skills management project

eLamp is part of a global skills management project called Teréga Pass.

The challenges are to make each employee an actor in his or her career path, to enable managers to have dashboards on the skills of their teams and to be able to identify critical skills.

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How does Enedis facilitate collaboration between experts in its National Centre of Expertise thanks to eLamp?

Build a library of skills so that we can collaborate across professions, identify experts and exchange instantly.

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Naval Group

The challenges:

Naval Group wishes to rethink and strengthen its approach to skills management and to back it up with a global strategy including project staffing, internal mobility and Workforce Planning.

The group wishes to anticipate, secure and maintain the skills of its employees, and gain in agility in order to make them more involved in their development.

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Bouygues Construction

How can strategic transformation issues be addressed with the help of skill data?

Create a skills map to accurately locate resources in the group.

Use these skills data to staff worksites, project employees on career paths and benefit from HR Analytics.

Manage your skills effortlessly.