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Identify and mobilise the skills of your employees with simplicity

eLamp captures and interprets in real time all your company’s skills: knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills, experiences, projects…

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Allow your employees to reveal their skills, projects and career development desires in order to identify development plans and career paths.


Match your resource needs with the profiles of your employees thanks to our intelligent search engine taking into account all the company’s criteria.

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analyse des compétences


Follow the evolution of skills, view statistics at all levels to detect key talents and anticipate the skills and professions of tomorrow.


eLamp maintains data that can be directly activated in your processes and integrated into your workflows: mobility, staffing, training, performance…

planning des projets en fonction des compétences

An application dedicated to each type of user

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Skill Master

Our Skill Master space allows you to easily structure and configure the skill dataset you wish to know about your employees.

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Thanks to our Collaborator interface, everyone can manage their profile, self-declare their skills and update them spontaneously or at the end of each assignment.

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Thanks to our Supervisor interface, your managers manage the skills available in their teams (mapping, development, wishes, etc), and define the profiles expected for each of their internal projects and/or clients.

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The eLamp platform is accessible everywhere !

Whatever the equipment (workstation, mobile or tablet) or the working environment (at a customer’s site, on a construction site, on the move, etc.), your employees can access all the functionalities in real time.

We attach great importance to data security.

Security is ensured at every stage of the data life cycle: personal data is subject to the applicable GDPR. On these points, we ensure full compliance with the GDPR standard.

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Our features

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Enable your workers to unveil their talents

smartphone visuel application

Identify experts, work together at any time thanks to web and mobile applications

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Analyze skills distribution at every scale and detect your company’s strengths and weaknesses

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Structure, visualise and manage the skills mapping of your company and your collaborators

Manage your skills effortlessly.

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