eLamp, a cross-functional and multi-actor solution

The particularity of eLamp is to offer a business-oriented solution, which, through skills, improves both HR processes and operational performance.

Challenges | Operations Management

Control your operations by knowing your employees more precisely

In an increasingly demanding regulatory and/or safety framework, it is essential to have a skills profile for each employee that is kept up to date.

  • eLamp manages all of your organisation’s skills so that you are never at risk.

Certification / Authorisation:
Many day-to-day operations within companies require up-to-date certification or accreditation for all employees. These certifications are linked to tasks, which are themselves linked to skills, which are themselves linked to validation forms. The management of all these elements can quickly become complex.

  • eLamp responds to this challenge by offering automated management of the obsolescence of certifying competences.

When teams operate in project mode or are on mission, the knowledge of the staff is the key to the activity.

  • eLamp allows you to always staff the right skills, at the right time, on the right projects.
illustration des gestions de compétences

“Keeping your organisation’s skills set up to date is critical to the development of your business”.

graphique évolution des compétences

“Centralise all of your employees’ knowledge to feed your HR strategy”.

Challenges | HR Management

Bring your business into the data era and anticipate the future

HR processes:
Most HR processes (Training, Recruitment, Mobility) are managed in a disparate way and do not link to trades and skills.

  • eLamp aggregates all the data to unify and enrich the skills repositories and to make HR processes more fluid: for example, you can initiate training or assessment actions during an internal mobility process.

Performance Management:
HR departments find it difficult to keep track of their pool of available resources and lack the information they need to assess the performance of the projects they have set up.

  • eLamp gives you the key to a set of qualitative and quantitative data on the use of skills in your organisation (mapping, reporting, dashboards).

Professions change, all industries must constantly adapt and anticipate the future.

  • eLamp helps you to place skills as the cornerstone of your strategy and supports you in the implementation of your Workforce Planning strategy.

Challenges | IT Management

Make all your employees’ data reliable and centralised

Repository and skills base management:
eLamp allows you to link information on skills to the rest of the objects in the company.
Many processes and tools hold competence information. This is why it is essential to allow good communication between them.

  • Our platform offers you the possibility to create and maintain the common language of your company throughout your entire IS area.

Rationalisation of your IT infrastructure:
In order to limit the launch of solutions at a local level, eLamp allows you to respond to a multitude of use cases.

  • Thanks to its flexibility and high level of customisation, eLamp can be adapted to any professional context.

To meet our clients’ international requirements, we have developed a platform managing multi-languages. eLamp is also deployed in more than ten countries, on all continents, and meets local regulatory requirements (such as in China and Russia for example).

  • The eLamp solutions have been designed for simple and easy interconnection with your IT infrastructure and all the software tools used in your organisation.
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“Centralise all of your employees’ knowledge to feed your HR strategy”.

Manage your skills easily.