Map and connect your skills in real time !

eLamp, your Enterprise Talents Network !

Thanks to its unique technology, eLamp absorbs, store and analyze your skills base to make it intelligible, evolutive and collaborative !

Apply the power of collaborative platforms to put back human resources management at the heart of your business processes.

Already 13 000 skills identified. Add yours.

There are as many eLamp's use cases as skills identified !
Build and manage perfect teams for your projects !

Find instantly the team that matches the best your project, considering all the company's requirements (level of expertise, budget, geolocation and current assignments...).
Find instantly the right person to solve any issue !

By identifying exactly all the skills of every of your coworkers, eLamp's search engine will be able to find the most likely to help you : for an advice, help each other, specific feedbacks...
HR managers
Get accurate and in real time data on your coworkers skills !

Get a full mapping of the actual skills within the company, identify experts, training needs, make internal appointments easier...

The concept explained by a founder

The concept in motion

Video produced by an employee of Bouygues Construction during an internal event.

Your secure and dedicated application.

Provide your coworkers with a customized application, dedicated to your business and plugged in your existing information system.

Your data are hosted by a trusted partner (OVH), and securing them is our priority.

Our team

Olivier ROHOU
Cofounder & CSO
Automation & Industrial processes
Sales cycle management
Customer relations
Florian BOJDA
Cofounder & CTO
Backend development
IT project management
Technical architecture
Cofounder & CPO
Design - UX
Web development
Agiles methods
Stéphane BLOUIN
Customer Success
Content Writer
Brand management
Customer success
Full-stack developer
Front development
Mobile apps
APIs integration
Data Scientist
Data visualisation
Predictive analysis
Nicolas GACH
Advisory board - Business strategy & Digital transformation
Platforms model author
Financial expertise
Business strategy advisor
Frédéric MERCIER
Advisory board - Business strategy & Digital transformation
Serial entrepreneur EU & US
Technical expertise
Ex-Partner Consulting IT company

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