Your talents in real time
Put People back at the heart of your company

eLamp identifies and connects
your company's skills in real time!

A unique platform to link HR to daily operations

Structure and aggregate all your HR data thanks to a unique technology!

An easy-to-use interface to structure and manage all the skills and resources of the company, to analyze and drive business meaning out of data in real time.
100% adaptable to your business
Machine learning
Data management
Reveal talents and identify opportunities!

Enable your coworkers to unveil their skills, detect human capital evolution opportunities thanks to our machine learning algorithms.
Potential revelation
Evolution plans
Real time data
Mobilize the best resources on your projects!

Staffing, internal mobility, recruitment... Identify and quickly assign the best individuals or the ideal team for a project.
Suggestion algorithms
Performance monitoring
Staffing forecast
Analyze in real time your skills and resources pool!

Forecast evolutions, trainings, tomorrow's skills and jobs
Talent & career management
Talent detection
Market benchmark
Onboard all your coworkers and...

The first collaborative tool that detects in real time the skills used in operational contexts in order to give more value to the work achieved.
Focused on UX
Onboard everyone
Link HR to operations

eLamp helps set up the future of organizations

A unique platform to manage the skills of your organization


Build a graph to link in real time

Career ambition, training, expertise, social skills...
Tasks, projects' objectives, resource needs, recruitments and talent acquisitions...
Company / Structure
Improve the company's operational performance, express transformation goals as skills requirements...

And thus get

Find the right expert at the right time
Data insights
Think forward about the next steps for your company's human capital
Speed up internal mobilities
Staff the best possible teams on your projects, drive higher project ROI in particular for complex projects

Our technology

Leverage the graph's power to structure and analyze your company's skills pool.

eLamp applies global norms and standards on par with demanding corporate requirements.
Your data is hosted on a trusted infrastructure (OVH), its security is our priority.
Its 100% flexible structure enables eLamp to adapt its model entirely to your constraints. Job areas, skill or training referentials, organizational constraints: everything is considered to provide more relevant results in regards to your internal processes.
Machine learning
eLamp drives its R&D roadmap towards machine learning in order to give more value to the company's data models and constantly feed the skills pools with the platform's usage.

They have People at heart

Our clients : Bouygues Construction, Crédit Agricole Nord de France, SNCF, Bartle Consulting...

Our partners

Our partners : Le Village by CA, Euratechnologies, Le LabRH...

Our DNA : using the best technologies to improve companies' decision making when it comes to People.

Gathered around the 3 cofounders, a genies' team working hard to deliver the best platform and services to companies which trust us.

eLamp Team